Renovera kloster på Kreta

Vi har inlett ett samarbete med OSMTH på Kreta, i syfte att hjälpa till med renovering av eftersatta kloster på Kreta. Här följer en summering av den reserapport som våra två riddare som åkte ner skrev:

”Our purpose with this trip to Crete was to make contact with one or two Monasteries that could be good candidates for support from the Priory of Sweden and in collaboration with Grand Priory Greece, the Commandery of Crete. We were looking for Monasteries with a current and/or future capability to host visiting Templars and Pilgrims. We were also looking for Monasteries with a potential to generate revenue, “a help to self-help”.

Based on this and our impressions, we have selected two Monasteries; The Chrysoskalitissas Monastery for its excellent location which makes it perfect as a Templar retreat and The Monastery of Agia Triada for its strong recognition within the Orthodox Church and its successful business sense.

The support provided to the Monasteries will not be extensive and expensive. It will instead be based on what we can get from our members (funding campaigns and voluntary labor). What we can provide will build and strengthen the relationship between the Church and the Order, and based on that we do assume that the positive relationship will inspire us to do a lot of good things together.

But, this pilot project is still in its infancy. Next action will be to write the “Agreement documents” regulating what we can and can’t do.

A side effect of this project is a growing and working relationship between the Priory of Sweden and the GP Greece, Commandery of Crete.

All costs for this trip to Crete are entirely funded by the participants.

Please study the recommendation and awards section for participant’s performance.”



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